Embroidery Patches Can Promote Your Business

Design your own embroidery patch

You create your own embroidery patches

Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to promote their message and their name. Many businesses and organizations today use embroidered patches as a way to show pride. However, businesses also realize that embroidered patches can be a great way to market products and services.

For years patches have been used as a way to indicate membership and more. U.S. military patches are highly valued examples, showcasing a solider’s unit and specialized groups within the various branches. These patches are a way to show affiliation with specific teams.

Business organizations can use embroidered patches for the same purpose in today’s world of constant marketing and intense competition. Businesses are always looking for a way to stand out, and patches are a great way to do exactly that. They offer an unobtrusive, cost-effective, low-tech way of promoting your business, as well as your products and services.

A well-designed corporate embroidered patch can include your corporate name, logo, or message to potential customers. These patches also reinforce a company image, identify employees to clients, and honor employees. The best thing about embroidered patches is that they can be found everywhere. People are used to seeing them and tend to read them automatically. That makes them a brilliant way to get your message out to prospective members, clients, or customers.

While patches alone won’t sell your products or services, they can serve as an important part of an integrated marketing campaign. When used as a component of your marketing strategy, they’re a highly effective way to increase membership, market share, or sales.

With today’s production technology and processes, embroidered patches are quite cost-effective as well. Why not add custom embroidered patches to your marketing efforts and see what happens? Here at Ulogoup.com, we make ordering custom embroidered patches effortless and easy, offering quality products at an affordable cost. Get a free quote today or give us an e-mail and let us show you how easy ordering custom embroidered patches can be.

Designing a new business logo.

Designing a new business logo? Keep it simple! You probably know when it comes to embroidered designs its best to eliminate unnecessary detail.  But, do you know that having a minimal logo can have more advantages?

Designing a new business logo

Colors – Minimal logos are easier to work with because they are more flexible. They usually work as a one color logo so its easy to adjust the color to work with different background colors. When a little more variety is desirable, it’s easy to add a second logo color that works with various background colors.

Sizing – Simply designed logos usually work well at different sizes.  While a detailed logo may not size down to a one inch wide logo, work as a social icon or be clearly seen on a small mobile device a minimal logo will work.

UlogoUp – If your logo is simple then you don’t need as many artwork versions.  Detailed logos often have multiple versions that are appropriate for different uses. For example, a simplified version for embroidery, a detailed version for printed T’s, a black and white version for printed media and so forth. If your logo is simple you can avoid the extra paperwork work and potential for mistakes.

More Readable – Detailed logos can be hard to read. Information like phones numbers and tag lines take up room that could be devoted to your business name. If your logo is simple then it won’t get lost.

More Forceful – Developing a minimalistic logo forces you to decide what is the essence of your business and how to portray it simply, uniquely and if the design is good – memorably.

Less Cost – Having a logo that looks good in one color will eliminate extra printing charges for additional colors. UlogoUp.com, Henderson Nevada 89014. 702-901-9833